Squirrel Removal

Gray squirrels are rodents and are the most common in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are usually active from dawn to dusk and feed mostly in the morning and again in mid-afternoon. They may breed twice a year around January and again in June and have a 42-45 day gestation period. The give birth to 2-3 young on average and weaned at 10-12 weeks. They can live up to 4 years old in the wild.

Squirrels nest in Cincinnati area homes in attics or crawlspaces. The most common entry points into Cincinnati homes are roof vents, louvered vents, soffit vents, construction gaps and rotten fascia boards. Squirrels inside the living area in Cincinnati, Ohio almost always come in through the fireplace or furnace chimneys. They can pose a real threat to humans as it is estimated that 25-50% of all fires of unknown origin are caused by rodents gnawing electrical wires.